Tyndale stepped up to the podium shortly after they had assembled, and the crowd's chatter and sobbing subsided. As he approached the ones kneeling on the podium, he walked cautiously, eyeing the captured men, Jrue Deryleen trailed behind him. He came to a halt and turned to face the audience.

“I have come to rid you of the weaklings you all worship as your leaders, my people. They have shied away from their true obligations and have driven the kingdom into perilous times. I couldn't take it any longer, so I came here to teach you how this kingdom could really thrive...” he said.

The sobs of an elderly woman in the audience cut short his voice. To find her, he searched the crowd. When he finally did, he motioned to one of the undead knight guards, and the two of them forced their way through the crowd toward the woman. Her sobs were heavier when she knew they were coming after her, and she made her way thr
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