None responded, with the exception of Lisa, who turned to her and smiled brightly, finishing with a brief giggle. That was to be expected from Lisa, who was always cheerful. Alicia pondered the possibilities for her story. Slejj's plot, his quest to redemption, all while overcoming treachery for the sake of the Independent states, was familiar to her. Daito, on the other hand, had given up his role in order to maintain his humanity. But what about the teeny-tiny energy ball stuck to his arm? Alicia wanted to ask Slejj a question, but she decided to wait until they arrived in town.

The sun's rays became heavier as time passed. Daito's hand was abruptly released from Lisa's little claws as they were crossing a bridge, and she started running towards a young lady approaching them from the front. She was a long way out, but with each step she took, she got closer. The sweltering sun had made the air hazy, and she seemed to be dancing her way towards them from that d

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