Asobi walked around the room, lighting up candles. At the very center sat Alicia, resting her mass on a rag rolled over the cold floor. She tried hard to do whatever it was she was told to do in order to begin her jaunt. Words floated in her mind as she attempted to fish the instructions out of her sea of imaginations.

“Focus on something, you have to create a spiritual link between you and the white canvas. You have to envision yourself as a painter, holding a brush over the canvas, as you stroke your brush over the canvas imagine yourself drawing a map, a walkway.”

As hard as she tried nothing worked, all she was doing was imagining if the painter was a male or female, or what color of paint was he using rather than focusing on the canvas itself. At that point, she knew the time to quit would be ideal. Asobi finished lighting all the candles then walked over to where Alicia sat cross-legged, folding her eyebrows and trying hard to envision and canvas.


She opened her eyes and
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