“Okay let's move. The rain will help cover our tracks so we better make hast and utilize it.”. So began their exodus, a muddy, cold, and wet journey across the woods, a plight for freedom and safety. Though they were thrilled to be free nobody bothered to ask about the cost of their freedom. The mysterious savior who called himself Anato Strider could not have just decided to wake up one day and free them. They lived long enough to know that everything comes at a price, so what was the price tagged in their freedom? One would have to wonder what lay ahead, hopefully, it would be greener pastures.

Lora and Jrue were lost in the woodlands, limping through puddles of mud, occasionally stumbling to the ground and taking forever to get back to their feet. Their bodies had been broken, Lora’s left shoulder was heavily swollen and her ribs made breathing one painful task. On the other hand, Jrue's leg was also not looking as good as her sister’s. He broke his fall with his lower bo
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