Finally, the snapping of dry leaves and the splitting of branches from shrubs could be heard. Over the passage of time, they grew more aggressive and louder. A sharp shriek reverberated across the woodland, disturbing the sense of tranquility. The noises were more intense, and they seemed to be coming from the direction in which Alicia and the guy were looking.

Alicia's limbs were weakened by another shriek that echoed through the open field It was right there, just a few inches into the night it approached. A shrub gave way a few seconds after the screech and its impact died down, revealing a massive monstrous foot walking into the light. The entire leg and an arm were then covered in scales. Finally, the figure wanted to stick out its whole body.

With a massive mouth ripping up half of its face and huge arms and claw-like claws poking off the end, it was vile. Its canines protruded from its muzzle, one of which was entangled with a vine, most likely from running around in the forest
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