Lisa exclaimed joyfully as she dashed over to her, arms outstretched. She greeted her with a warm embrace. Lisa's little legs flared out and her feet knocked down the leaves hanging across the pathway as Lora picked her up and they pirouetted.

Since they were so far apart, the others couldn't hear their conversation, but when it was over, Lisa took her hand and dragged her towards the rest of the crew.

Under the scorching light, her black armour gleamed. Her black glinting hair, which crowned her head, went well with the armour. With each stride she took, it bounced lightly on her shoulders. Lora had a beautiful smile, almost too beautiful. Her thick lashes rolled up, hiding the creases beneath her brows. She had brown eyes that one would get lost in when gazing at them and her sonsy lips arced upwards, emphasizing her smile whenever she decided to pull one off. Her pronounced cheekbones protruded from her face.

Her face quickly shifted as she approached Daito. She walked up
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