Drom stood up and began making his way over to the dinner table. He was confronted by a knight guard who was near by.

The dark bender emblem may be found on the upper right part of his back. Check it out.”

The guard confirmed its existence as instructed. “Sir, it's there.”

“Then release those restraints,”

The councilmen were in a frenzy.

“ But the slave emblem! It's possible he's still suffering the effects!”

“Come on, you should've worked it out by now,” Drom said, almost chuckling." In the entire kingdom, the most powerful gifted. He would've done it a long time ago if he wanted to be free of those constraints and burn us to ashes. I believe it is safe to say he is no longer under the slave emblem's spell.”

The chains were released and tossed away by the guard. To relieve the discomfort caused by the shackles, Daito rubbed his wrists. Every single person in the room was staring at him.

“The meeting has been deferred; we will meet again tomorrow. Slejj will b
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