Alicia felt like slapping some sense into that overpowered simpleton, even with god magic he was no match for mother nature. She picked up an empty cup beside the tents and took some dried tea leaves, throwing them into the cup and working her magic. She did everything as loud as she possibly could to grasp his attention, but not loud enough to wake the others snoring their fatigue away inside the tents. Though she tried as much as she could to clank those cups together Daito didn't shiver one bit. Moments after the brewing tea whistled through the hot kettle Alicia picked up two cups and filled them with the overheated liquid she walked over to him and handed one of the cups over.

“Just take the damn thing you foot face, it's not poisoned,” Alicia said, trying to balance the fervid crockery between her burning appendages. Daito reached out slowly like he wanted it to burn her fingers a little bit longer. He swayed it severally before taking an elegant sip. Alicia nearly showed her sm
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