With the last word slipping through the cracks of his teeth along came a ghostly radiation. Drom was overcome by a sudden burst of vigor, his broken ribs searched for their severed parts and wound themselves together. His scissored knee reshaped and reverted, allowing him to bend his leg again. Within moments he was back to his old self again, perhaps better.

“Now, the link has chosen you to be one of the people who should witness the truth, just as he chose us.”

“Truth?!” Drom said, still confused as to what had happened. Moments ago he was in unbelievable pain and a moment after he felt like he could sprint up a hill without breaking a sweat.

“The great link has many things he wants to show you! But first, you must do as I instruct. Go to the dark bender, tell him you were sent by the commander. He will know what to do next.”

He stepped aside and cleared a way for the king to pass. Drom began his stride with the once broken left leg to make sure it was really healed. Putting all his
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