“They would have continued with the second phase of their plan straight after the invasion, but they did not account for you to renew the covenant. The covenant cycle still stands Alicia, meaning the king is still alive!”

The atmosphere in the room shifted immediately.

“Stop your lies!”

“Honestly how many times do I have to tell you I have nothing to gain from lying to you. Think about it. You have been staying inside these walls for five good years after the invasion. The only reason you haven't been attacked by Tyndale is the same reason why you haven't attacked him…. The Vurhans. Dakario placed a strong boundary made of Vurhans between the two of you. Keeping both of you at bay so that they can have more time to find the king and finish him off the end the covenant cycle for good, because if you and Tyndale went to battle and you died it would ruin everything. That is why they were cautious not to leave anything behind that could help you get stronger and break through the boundar
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