"Get a grip on yourself! Cowards have no place here."

He spoke to her in hushed tones. She was completely oblivious to the fact that she had grabbed his cloak and hid behind him. Alicia had never seen a vurhan before; the tales she'd read had given her the creeps, but seeing it in person was a whole new level of terrifying.

The man untied the strap around his neck that held the cloak to his back, allowing it to fall on Alicia's arms and expose his built frame and wide shoulders. As he zipped around the ground, carving his way towards the vurhan, his hair moved from one side to the other, dancing with grace.

Alicia felt her hand being yanked by Lisa's small hands once more.

"Come on over here," said the little girl.

She pulled her back to the tents and began reciting an invocation while closing her eyes. The air above them got thicker all of a sudden, making Alicia feel hazy. Trees seemed to curve out of nature as distortions rippled through the air, blurring the vision. It was as thou
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