It took a while for Drom to realize Harmel's presence. His eyes rolled slowly until he caught a glimpse of him holding onto the door, tired, on the verge of a collapse. Drom quickly forced a smile, trying to mask his unease, " aren't you supposed to address me as my liege?"

"Liege my foot! Get down there, you big oaf! Commander is waiting for you, he has been here... For the past two damn hours you big mutt!"

" Okay okay! I'm going... no need to get all aggravated, you know your intelligence reduces when you are angry right?!"

"Haha so funny...just like that crown hides all the stupidity under that hair, I'm even surprised a human being can survive that long without a brain."

Harmel treated Drom like a friend rather than his king, and Drom wanted it that way. They would spend all day cracking jokes and making fun of themselves, and it was tough for them to act all formal in front of others. Harmel gave Drom a perennial stare, noticing how his smile quickly faded. He knew he was faking
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