The army swarmed into the castle. Thomas Milner fought them off alongside Alexander Xermia and Sigrid Hermon. Julius Aldeim was up against Jrue Deryleen, but he was the first of the twelve family leaders to fall to Deryleen's blade. His arrows were no match for his tempo. He dodged them handily, at long last he ran a blade through his throat and off he went, off to the dead. Arthur Callusios was up against Tyndale. Brute strength against brute strength. He managed to land a hit on the tyrant, using all his martial arts skills to weave and bend himself to make the bump, but it had little to no effect. Tyndale grabbed his leg and snarled it like a twig. He fell to the ground yelling in anguish. Tyndale stepped over him and clamped his face with his hand, charging up a blast that rendered him headless in a matter of seconds.

Alicia headed for Drom, Daito still beside him, emotionless. Anato appeared in front of Alicia's path, blocking her

"That's the wrong way darling," he said, pucker
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