Chapter Ten


Stupid, stupid, stupid, Lily thought, shaking her head in disappointment at herself. What in the hell was I thinking, walking around in Wyatt's house in just my panties and a t-shirt? I should have known he'd get home early. It's Murphy's Law. Whatever can happen, will happen. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

She had been blushing since the moment he had walked in and laid eyes on her a few minutes before. Her cheeks still tingled from the embarrassment, but it wasn't long before the blood drained back into the rest of her body. She felt so ashamed by the incident that it made her want to crawl out of her own skin.

“I seriously can't believe that just happened,” she whispered to herself.

Even though she was now in the privacy of her room, she'd torn her suitcase apart until she'd found a pair of pajama pants.

Well, that's an awkward start to my week-long job, she thought, crawling onto her bed.

She laid on her back and stared at the white ceiling. The overhead fan spun slowly above
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