Chapter Thirteen


They finished loading everything up and then started their journey back to the mansion. Wyatt started up a movie for Maggie, which she watched on the small television screen that was installed in the back of the passenger’s seat headrest. This gave Lily and Wyatt a bit of privacy, which they used to talk about things that they normally couldn’t with Maggie around.

“So how was your first day on the job?” he asked, pushing his sunglasses to the top of his head and taking a quick glance toward Lily.

“It was actually really nice,” she said. “It was ten times more relaxing than slinging coffee for the grumpy soccer moms.”

Wyatt laughed. “I figured you'd enjoy this a little more than that. I'm glad you've been able to take a break from your usual gig. It's nice that you're going to get to spent some more one-on-one time with Maggie, at least for the next week.”

“Speaking of Maggie, I seriously can't believe how fast she's growing up,” Lily said. “I mean, I always have known that kids g
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