Chapter Twenty-five


Lily turned around in the passenger seat, bringing her attention toward the back of the SUV. Maggie was there in her car seat, her eyes as wide as her smile. Well, the one eye that Lily could see anyway. The other one was covered up by her pirate's eye patch.

“We're almost there, Maggie. Just a few more minutes,” Lily said. “Are you excited to see the fair?”

“ARRRR!” Maggie's response made both Wyatt and Lily chuckle.

“I'm ready, too.” Lily turned back around in the seat, admiring the scenery out of the front window.

The festival was held about fifty miles from town. It was in a rural area, a place where most people would probably never go if it wasn't for the fair. Now, though, there was endless traffic as guests practically clamored over each other to get in.

Wyatt drove the SUV down the dirt road until they got to the very end, where it ran into two giant parking lots overflowing with cars.

“Looks like we weren't the only ones with this idea,” he said.

After driving ar
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