Chapter Thirty-five


Wyatt knew what he had to do. For the first time in months, he had a clear direction. There wasn't a gray area. It was black and white.

I need to call Lily, he thought.

He went to the sink and splashed cold water on his face, washing the tears away. He drew in a long breath and exhaled slowly.

“It's time I make a move,” he whispered.

A real move, though, he thought. Not this half-assed shit I've been doing lately. I'm going to call Lily and ask her on a date. An honest to god, legitimate date. Something she deserves, like a nice restaurant and the chance to get fixed up and go out.

With newfound energy, Wyatt pushed away from the bathroom counter and headed back to his bedroom. He immediately grabbed his cell phone from the night stand and unlocked the screen. His confidence waned a little bit as he scrolled through the contact list to find Lily's name, but he refused to succumb to it. This was something he wanted to do and Wyatt wasn't the type to back down from what he w
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