Chapter Sixteen

Two margaritas later and we're still sitting on the dock laughing. The sun is starting to set, but we haven't run out of things to say or funny stories to tell. I feel like we never will.

I'm sure we're supposed to be heading back to the airplane soon, but I don't want to leave. I'm having such a good time with Christopher here on this dock. Every so often we see dolphins. Christopher loves them. They make him smile and laugh every time.

It's been the perfect day. One that I never expected, but enjoyed completely. If this is what “being managed” looks like, then I'm fine with being managed every day. As much as I want to see Jonathan, this is almost better.


I look over at Christopher, curious if he feels the same. His gaze is out toward the horizon, his face calm and peaceful. The lines around his eyes are gone and his stern mouth is actually almost a smile. He looks happier than I've seen him in a long time. In all his business photos and the few times I've seen him aroun
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