Chapter Thirty-Two


Jackson went back up to his apartment, got in the shower, and cried.

He hadn’t cried since he was five years old and his pet turtle died. He hadn’t cried like this when his parents died. He didn’t know that it was possible for a grown man to feel this much hurt inside.

He had screwed up. Big time.

Why hadn’t he just told her? He could have come home from the party and told her then. He could have mentioned it the next day. It would have been so easy.

He wanted to say it was to protect her. He wanted to believe it was because he was keeping her calm for the baby.

But that was a lie.

He was doing it to protect himself. He was afraid she would leave him. That she wouldn’t smile up at him like he was the best thing in the world. That she wouldn’t tease him or make him laugh because she would finally see his true nature.

And he had made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. By not telling her, he had ruined things. He had broken their trust.

He should have told her that he loved
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