Chapter Twenty

I lay there, wrapped in Jack’s arms. They were strong, and I felt safe and warm for the first time since arriving in New York. This is where I was supposed to be... with Jack. When I was with him, everything somehow looked like it could make sense. I glanced over at my nightstand, the envelopes still eying me and the necklace sparkling in the moonlight. I was going to choose Jack.

Jack grunted softly as he released me, the bed suddenly overly warm with our body heat. The bed shifted slightly as he stood and stretched, his muscles glistening in the pale moonlight streaming through the open drapes. I wanted to run my hands up and down his naked body, to touch him and never stop.

He caught my eyes and smiled at the look of hunger. With a grin he turned and walked into the big bathroom, turning on the light. It reflected off the curve of his perfectly sculpted ass and I had to bite my lip in order to keep from drooling. I was a lucky, lucky girl.

I rolled out of the big bed, still unst
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