Chapter Eight

June 6th, 1990

"Okay, now this time I'm going to just give you a little push on the back of the surfboard. Center yourself and get ready."

We were out in the ocean. Dean was taking the time to show me how to surf and it was not going well. As he gave my surfboard a little tap, I found myself staying up on the surfboard for about a half second before crashing into the water again. Oh well, I thought. At least my top is still on.

I came to the surface, sputtering once again. Dean grabbed my hand, steadying me before going after the surfboard. He grabbed it and brought it back to me.

"Quick, get back on the board, I can see a great swell coming," he said, obviously excited.

"You take it." I unlatched the surfboard from my ankle and handed him the strap. Dean had seemed excited about surfing, yet he hadn't even gotten on the board yet.

"Please, just ride this wave. Then you can watch me surf for the rest of the afternoon," he said, pushing the strap away.

I laughed. "Okay." I laid
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