Chapter Eighteen

Thunder boomed. The air was heavy with the promise of rain as Brooke and I brought the boat into the dock and secured it. Lightning flashed out at the horizon, striking the water with a blinding brilliance. I double-checked to make sure the knots were secure on the boat; I didn't want it floating out to sea with the storm.

“Thanks for the help today, Izzy,” Brooke said, heaving her gear onto the dock. We’d had an amazingly successful run. “This data is going to be amazing. If the Grove thing doesn't work out for you, I'll take you on my project in a heartbeat.”

“You are most welcome, but I have a good feeling about the Grove. That's where my future is,” I told her, securing another rope on the boat. Another peal of thunder made the air shudder around us.

“Yeah, you do mesh better with baby sharks than the big scary ones,” she teased. I had done more than all right with “the big scary ones” today, but she was right. I enjoyed the nursery of the Grove far more than the wild of the open
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