Chapter Sixteen

The GPS on my phone told me to take a right onto Vista Drive. I pulled over and looked at it again, just to make sure that I had typed in the address correctly. There was no way that this was the right Vista Drive.

This is weird, I thought. There has to be something wrong.

I had been driving for twenty minutes, following the directions to the address that Gabe had given me to come visit him at his home. My GPS had led me to the bridge that connected to one of the islands just outside of Miami, but there was no way this was the right bridge.

“This can’t be right,” I said, as I checked the address for the second time.

I looked out across the water to a small body of land called Virginia Key. Massive mansions decorated the top of the hills. It was by far the most prestigious area in all of Miami. This wasn’t just a well-to-do part of town. The people who lived on the Virginia Key were a different kind of rich. They weren’t millionaires. They were billionaires.

The thought crossed my mind
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