Chapter Fifteen

I lay in bed, Shadow sleeping at my feet, and my stomach rolling. Andrew had texted me twice to make sure I had gotten home and to see if I needed anything. I needed a new me. I needed my past to change or at least a way to forget it. I closed my eyes, the last year of my life haunting me.

I woke up, the room unfamiliar. My stomach felt awful and my head buzzed like it was full of bees. A masculine arm lay draped across my stomach, the owner snoring softly into his pillow. I didn't remember his name, but it didn't matter. He had bought me the drinks, and I seemed to remember thinking he was cute. But that could have been the guy two nights ago.

I carefully slipped out from under his arm, moving slowly, more to keep my stomach contents down than fear of waking him. His place was a mess-- dirty underwear, empty bowls, pizza boxes, and beer cans littered the floor. I found my skirt tossed in a corner, a dark stain on the hem. Were we drinking red wine? I couldn't remember, but I slid th
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