Chapter Sixteen

Tracy wanted to hate Jenna. She wanted to find a way to make the younger woman leave, but before she could come up with a plan that wouldn't anger Mr. Hayes or be considered rude, Tracy's opinion of the younger woman changed.

The very first thing Jenna did was start up a conversation with Tracy. Jenna asked her question after question about her restaurant and life. She seemed far more interested in finding out everything she could about Tracy than reconnecting with Mr. Hayes. In fact, she almost seemed to be ignoring him and concentrating solely on Tracy.

The cynical side of Tracy thought it was because Jenna could already sense that she had Mr. Hayes wrapped around her little finger. Or maybe it was that she knew that she had to act aloof to get his attention. Either way, Tracy knew that she should feel threatened. After a few more drinks and pleasant conversation, however, she felt herself intoxicated by Jenna.

"I love your dress," Jenna giggled, pouring them each another drink. She
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