All night Lean has to keep Avelyn from being unconscious. In a panic, Lean decided to take Avelyn to his apartment. It was completely unthinkable in Lean's mind to take Avelyn to the hospital because he was too worry about Avelyn's situation. Plus, if he took Avelyn to the hospital, it would only create a scene. In this city, even though people are indifferent to each other, there is still a sly paparazzi who likes to take advantage of the situation. So in the end Lean turned the steering wheel toward his apartment and immediately lifted Avelyn outside as soon as they reached the basement of the lonely apartment. One of the things he is grateful for about the apartment, they prioritize a very strict privacy system. None of the spies managed to infiltrate the apartment to extract information that the owner of the information did not allow.

After Lean managed to bring Avelyn to his room, the man immediately laid Avelyn carefully on the bed and took a towel to dry Avelyn's drenched body
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