Lean stroked the top of Hill's head affectionately. Just as he expected, Hill was still sick and not completely healed. After an hour of playing in the park, Hill has now fallen asleep on his shoulders. That kid was not as active as usual. When he tried to impress Hill with his basketball skills, the boy just clapped his hands without showing any enthusiasm. But whatever it was, Lean felt relieved that Hill was doing well. It only takes a little more time to rest, medicine, and nutritious food, and Hill will soon recover from illness.

"Oh, I was just about to catch up with you." Letha looked surprised when Lean suddenly stood behind her who had just locked the apartment door. Seeing Hill sleeping comfortably on Lean's shoulder, Letha hurriedly opened the door to her apartment again and immediately opened the door wide for Lean.

"Your friend is home?"

“Yes, ten minutes ago. After clearing the glasses and plates, I intend to catch up with you. Is he a bother?"

Letha led Lean to Hill
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