Chapter 1: The Agreement

Averill woke up with an unfamiliar ceiling. She groaned in pain when she tried to sit. Sam entered the room and was surprise to see her awake. "Avi! My god," she helped her to sit and gave her a glass of warm water.

"I'll call a doctor, wait here," but Averill grabbed her hand. "W-what happened?" her hoarse voice sounded so weak to Sam's ears. She caressed her cheek and smiled. She doesn't know what to tell her. She a really weak figure in her eyes at the moment.

A young girl, eighteen years younger than her, had to experience this. She got a bright future ahead and she couldn't imagine what her reaction would be once she heard the news of her pregnancy.

What did even happen? Averill is the type of woman who refuses to date anyone despite it adding a boost to her image. She simply refuses to enter in any relationship. 

Was this connected to what happened to her last time? When Sam saw her walking lifeless three weeks ago? That was her sister's engagement party if Sam recalled correctly. 

What happened that day? Avi never talks about her family. Sam never even met them despite being her manager for five years now.

"Sam regarding the-- Avi!" Ken rushed to his side worriedly, "How are you feeling, darling? Does it hurt anywhere?"

"Uncle, I'm fine. Thank you for taking care of me,"

"Sam did all the physical stuff, I only managed the hospital stuff and the uproar because of your sudden collapse. One of your fan caught it in a camera and posted it online. They are demanding for answers right now," Ken sighed. It has been three days and Avi only woke up today. 

He held her hand and smiled gently, "I need you to brace yourself, Avi,"

"Why? Am I dying or something?" she kidded. But the two adults in front of her took the joke seriously.

"You, hahhh," 

"Avi, don't joke about those kind of things," Sam scolded her. Avi smiled at her, she's really a mother figure. They were both holding her hands tightly, she's starting to get confuse. What the hell is wrong with these two?

Ken cleared his throat, "Ahem, ahem, you, Averill, my child," he stared at Avi, with that same sympathetic smile, Avi felt something bitter in her mouth. "You are pr--"

"Pregnant," Sam cut him off. He glared at her, "You're making her more nervous with all the delays," Sam refutes.

They argued in front of her but Averill couldn't hear a single thing after what Sam revealed. What? She's what right now? Pregnant?

But she never had sex with someone-- right. She remembered now, that night. She knew something had happened but how the hell could she get pregnant after one f*cking night? Averill pulled her hair, "No, no, no, NO!"

"There's no way I'm carrying his child. No f*cking way!" She started pulling her hair even more, punching her stomach. Sam and Ken panicked. They never saw this kid acting this way. She's not on her right mind.

They both grabbed her hands and tried to calm her down. Ken called for Luis and continued calming his daughter down.

"No way! I can't get pregnant with his child! No! He'll hate me! He'll loathe me, Uncle, Sam, no, no, no, no!!"

"What happened here?" Luis rushed to them and injected a sleeping drug on her. It took seconds for the drug to effect.

Ken sat on the floor breathing heavily. "I knew this would happen,"

"Then why did we tell her? We could've let her rest more,"

"Says the woman who interrupted me and outright told Avi that she's pregnant." Ken argues.

"But she'll eventually know it anyway!" Sam says back.

"Alright, alright love birds, stop arguing in front of my patient right now," said Luis, he cannot fathom the flushing face of his two good friends; especially Ken's, his best friend.

"What happened with your talk with Avi's family?"

Ken went mute. He doesn't even want to talk about it. Now he knows why Avi never talks about her family. He was utterly disgusted with them. 

"So... Who got her preggy?" Luis asked.

"Noah Dalton,"

"Ohh, Noah Dalton-- WHAT?! Noah? As in, Noah Darius Dalton? My nephew?!" annoyed, Ken glared at him for shouting. He told them to calm down in front of the patient then there's him, suddenly shouting.

"What the f*cking hell! He's engaged with the Hursens."

"Avi's sister?"

"Yep, Avi's---WHAT?? Averill is a Hursen?!! That Hursen?!!" again, Ken glared at him. Luis pursed his lips and motioned a zip.

He sat beside Sam, "Why didn't you tell me?" he felt betrayed. They have been friends for years now and they left him out with that kind of important information.


A man was walking in a fast pace towards the huge door of the old mansion. A bunch of servants welcomed him as he enter the huge hall.

'Bang!' He loudly opened the door of the study where his father's office resides.

"Father," if it was a servant that heard his voice, they would surely shiver in fear. It was cold and threatening, his pitch-black eyes are digging holes in his father's body. "Did I not teach you how to knock?" his father replied without removing his eyes from the documents he's reading.

Noah walked near his desk and placed both his hands on it. He's shaking in anger. He wants to shout in his father's face but he needs to pay his respect. Noah is doing well in suppressing his emotions until his father gave him a smirk.

"I've let you ran wild these past years," he suddenly said to his son. His only child that still gives him the mystery. 'Where the heck did this punk inherit his temper? My wife has the best personality and I'm a cool father as well, tsk tsk tsk,'

"I am not marrying that wench," he pushed his hair back in annoyance and placed his hands on his hips. His tongue is playing inside his mouth as he try to calm himself. Noah never felt this annoyed before, or maybe he never felt annoyed in anyone but her. 

The girl who have been chasing him in college and finally stopped when she graduated. And what now? She's back...

'I knew she lay low for the past years. She caught me off guard. And what? My child? Hah! As if something really happened to us that night,'

Nicolas didn't even listen to his rants. He knows his kid, Noah is the type to play around but he really loves Yanna, something that is also a mystery to him. Nicolas doesn't like the elder daughter of his good friend William. There's nothing much to dislike, it's just that his wife, Lea, disfavors the child.

'I know William is crazy about that daughter of his,'

"This is a mistake, Father. There is no way I'll put my d*ck inside that disgusting woman!!" Noah's voice rang inside of the study. Nicolas stared as his child, 'What a hopeless kid,'

"You remember now?" he asked Noah. That night was a mess, it was Noah's engagement party with only few relatives and business figures. He went to his penthouse earlier than usual because his head was ringing and the next thing they knew, Noah was with Avi.

Nicolas couldn't understand that situation too well. He remembers Averill drinking inside the hall that night and excused herself to the bathroom, maybe to sober or something. Nicolas can clearly remember that she was accomapanied by Yanna because she almost pass out.

"No," Noah replied. He's trying to remember what the hell happened to them that day but only the soft and good feeling of kisses and touches are surfacing in his memory. He doesn't want to think of it.

"Then there is no way you can argue that nothing happened between you two!" Nicolas stood up. The past week has been a mess, he has been trying to stop the rumors from spreading. Avi is a famous actress, she made a name in the industry even in a short span of time.

He was amazed by the young woman's milestone, but this is a different matter. His son was engaged with Yanna but now, Director Ken is pestering him about Avi. Ken is a scary person in Nicolas's memory. 

"Look, son, I know that you love Yanna but,"

"But what father? I should take responsibility for Avi? You know how I hate that person! Yanna even collapsed because of her!!" Nicolas could not believe that this person acting like a whining kid in front of him is a successful business man with billions of dollars as a net worth.

"Yes. You should think about your image and Avi's reputation. Everyone knows her face; surely, people are already talking about her pregnancy," 

"But father--"

"You should've controlled your d*ck you punk," a loud voice came from the door. "Dear," Nicolas's eyes softened at the sight of Lea. On the other hand, Lea's brows are knitted together as she stares at her son with disbelief.


"Call me Mama!"

"Mother, I am not marrying Averill,"

"Yes you are. I already prepared everything. All you need to do is go to the hospital and drive Avi to her house. She regained consciousness and was discharged today. Go get her and we'll have a dinner with the Hursens. You need to marry her next week or I'll send you to the States for good." 

Noah couldn't believe what he's hearing. She will send him to those scary grandparents of his and even meet those annoying cousins? And what the hell? How could his mother treat him like this when he's already 28 years old?

"You are unbelievable mother,"

Noah walked out of the room without looking back at his parents. His secretary opened the car's door for him. Noah fished his phone out of his pocket and dialed a numer. "Book a flight for me. I'm going to the States tomorrow,"

'Marry her? I'll rather die than make that happen.'

He answered his phone accidentally when it suddenly rang, "Hello?" he just said. No one was talking, he could only hear the heavy breathing behind the call. He looked at the number and it's unregistered in his contacts.

'Tsk, is this another scam or advertisement?'

He was about to end the call when the person talked, [We need to talk,] he immediately recognized the voice. He told his driver to drive to the Dalton University Hospital.


"Let's get married," he was astounded. He almost drop the water he's holding while looking at the girl sitting on the bed with her casual sweater.

"Are you nuts? Why the hell should I marry you? Why did I even meet you. Tsk, you're a waste of time. I'm leaving," he turned his back at her. 

"Reporters from famous stations are waiting outside my room right now. Leave, that is if you want to get questioned about the situation we're in," Avi sarcastically told him. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Noah glared at her and called his secretary, what she said might be a bluff. 'Sh*t thit cunning woman,' he ended the call and sat on the couch.

"Five minutes."

Avi smiled, showing her perfectly lined teeth. "Let's get married."

"And if I don't want to?"

"I'll die."

"Hah! What are you talking about?"

"I'll kill myself," Avi smiled. Noah zoomed to her angrily. "Are you crazy?! What about the child?"

"So you do care for your child,"

"Fine, let's get married. In one condition," Noah suddenly decided.


"One year. I just have to confirm it's mine and end this in one year."

"Deal," Averill replied hastily. She did not even think about it. She just want to get things done and marry that man named Noah Dalton.

"I'll deal with the reporters, stay here for a while," 

Noah was left inside the cold VIP room. He stared at the back of the woman leaving the room. 'Crazy... F*cking crazy,'

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