Chapter 11: Butterflies in her stomach

Averill got discharged after a week. She never saw Noah after their talk on the first night of her confinement. Kieffer visited her that night and gave her her favorite flowers as well as her favorite fruit, strawberries.

Though she's grateful for her friend, Kieffer scolded him that whole night. Luckily, Ken and Sam are on their trip to Asia. They won't be around for months but they promised to be back by the time the baby would come out.

"I can carry that myself, Kieffer," she reached for the small bag but Kieffer put it above his head. He indirectly mocked Averill's height with his six-feet tall stature. And even taller because he tiptoed to raise the bag, as if Averill's 5'11" could reach it.

She gave up and went inside the mansion. "Hey! I was just kidding," he laughed and gently guided Avi going upstairs. Averill looked around the mansion. Like what Noah mention, the helpers was reduced.

She doesn't know whether she'd be glad about it. She's not close with them but she was
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Zeariyen *
I dislike Averill for forcing Noah to marry her despite him being with her twin all these years. I dislike it more that she’s comfortable about it and expecting to be happily married. It’s shameful but it will help me not pity her because she sure will deserve all that’s coming….

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