Chapter 17: No Other Way

"What did you just say?" Averill could not believe her hearing. Her ears must have become dull after visitng the hospital for quite a lot of times now.

"Why did you not tell me?" Noah's eyes softened. He sat on the chair beside her bed and looked at her. Averill simply did the same. She knows what he's talking about and she... she was gonna tell him.

It was just that he did not let her do so. Her chances did not come at the right moment and she was not able to inform him. Noah sighed sharply. He waited for her answer but now she's keeping silent.

'What? Was it intentional? Does she know that the baby could be in danger? Does she want to leave the baby to die? Is this another part of her acts? What is it Averill?' he wants to bombard her with questions and reprimand her of her negligence but...

'I'm at fault too. You're at fault too, Noah. Think calmly,'

"Noah, are you out of your f*cking mind?" Averill stares at me helplessly. She sits up, I immediately run to her side and assist
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Zeariyen *
I am so glad Noah was able to articulate just how sickening and disgusting Averill’s desperation to tie him down was. I’m now wondering about her mental health…

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