Chapter 41

Noah's POV

I cannot understand why I am feeling sour inside. I do not have any reason to get mad over them meeting again but I cannot help but find myself overly cautious whenever Averill is around that Shiloah guy.

This is because of what I've seen last time at the entrance of the hospital. I have never seen Averill that comfortable around anyone and to let him hug her? I really had a lot of question in mind.

But I... I am not really in a relationship with her. Even so, I still feel like I am being betrayed. She keeps on saying she loves me... and even did a lot of things that are way beyond her capacity just to marry me.

So why... why are you talking with him with that face?

I walked away when I saw Shiloah hugged her again.

It really isn't my business. If... if she ends up falling for another man; that would actually do me a lot of favor.

Why did I even hold back our divorce? It's all her fault. Why dis she show up with another man in front of our son's grave after not show
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