Chapter 45

Averill's POV

I was feeling really nervous ever since we entered his grandfather's room. I mean, I have met a lot of influential people before but Mr. Caden Dalton is a different one.

He's someone everyone respects in the business world. He took over his family business when it was dealing a crisis and now he's built an entire empire in which even old conglomerates could not touch.

"You seem nervous,"

"Yes? Ahh, sorry sir, it's just that I am one of your fans," I shyly replied, fixing the chess pieces in front of me. The last time I played one was ages ago!

It was a hobby I ended when Allen died. He was the one who taught me how to play. How dare he die when I never won a game against him? How the hell am I going to play with Noah's grandfather?? I heard he's a really good player.

Noah left to buy something.

Mr. Caden instructed all his guards to wait outside, I'm glad he's being considerate but isn't it more uncomfortable to play with him alone in a room?

He's my husband's grandfath
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