Chapter 50

"I will meet you again next time, babe. Sorry but this is urgent," Paulo simply nodded his head while putting on his shirt.

He knew this would happen again. Paulo feels like sh*t while watching the woman he loves leaving for another man.

He was first but he loves Yanna so much to even let her half her time for him and Noah.

Paulo was that kind of man. He looked at his phone and replied to Averill who texted him just a while ago.

New Message

From: Averill Hursen

Meet me.

To: Averill Hursen

I'll be there in 20.

"I will be on the set, babe. Call me when you need me," he told Yanna and left to meet Averill.


Averill stared at her phone while sitting at the corner of the cafe. After twenty minutes of waiting, Paulo came in a casual, oversized shirt paired with a lazy sweat pants.

"Fancy seeing you contact me, Avi,"

Averill stared at him, reading him like a book. Paulo felt disgusted with her eyes. It was something that Yanna envied the most, those beautiful pair of golden eyes.

"Make i
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