Chapter 54

Yanna is humming her way to the studio. She recently dealt a year contract with YBS and she's gonna be their model, it's a company for swimsuits and other attires.

"In a good mood?" Paulo approached him from behind, hugging her from the waist. It made Yanna's smirk fade instantly.

"Paulo!" Yanna shouts in surprise! Paulo felt something inside his stomach but his smirk remained. He get past Yanna and greeted the director.

"I think we'll also pass as casts for your next film," he kidded while the director laughed it off. It was indeed a great chain of reaction. The director has no idea that Yanna was not acting, she was utterly surprised with how Paulo acted.

'What the hell is wrong with him?' she looked at her phone when it vibrated and smiled to her ears when John asked her to meet.

Paulo simply stared at her, trying to focus with the project he signed with.


"What do you mean you'll follow me?"

"I decided to follow my wife, is there a problem with that?"

"First, you're a busy man.
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