Chapter 56

Averill's POV

"What do you want?" Paulo looked at me with cold eyes. I really cannot understand men, why do they love women who cheat on them? Is it not enough that Yanna is having a relationship with him and Noah? And now that he knows that she's resorting to another man, he's still gonna take her side?

I wonder how Noah would react. Last time, he's obviously jealous of Paulo and was planning to use me but he never did. Guess he still got some conscience running in his veins.

"I want you to break up with Yanna," I frankly replied. Paulo had never been a good friend to me, not that we're friends in the first place.

"And what will you or I gain from that?" he smirked.

You will gain freedom, idiot. "I will recommend you to famous agencies in France," I actually had connections there back when I was still doing modelling. Sam's network of connections gave me a broad field.

I'm sure YBS would not do this for someone like Paulo. He got the looks and family background but they are not that
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