Ready To Be Yours (Book 2 In love with my maid)
Ready To Be Yours (Book 2 In love with my maid)
Author: module Dasilva

Chapter 1

Sharon looks restless and panicking and thinking about her daughter Diana.

“ Just relax nothing will happen to Diana, you will be fine Bella dares not hurt her “ Sharon dad says.

“ How are you sure about that Dad, Bella is so heartless and ready to do anything to get what she want Dad “ Sharon says as she cries and look worried.

“ Have you Informed Timi about this ?” Sharon father ask.

“ No dad, I have not, I just want my daughter back that is all” Sharon says with anger.

“ It will be better we informed Timi about this” Sharon’s father says.

“ I will tell inform him right away “ Sharon says and she picks up her phone to call Timi over the phone.

Timi’s phone rings and he picks up his call.

“ Yes tell me Sharon are you okay?” Timi ask.

“ No, I am not fine

“ I am not fine Timi “ Sharon says as she cries.

“ What happened? Speak to me “ Timi ask.

“ Diana has been kidnapped “ Sharon says.

“ kidnapped by who ?” Timi ask as he looks shocked and worried.

“ Bella kidnapped Diana” Sharon says as she cries.

“ What?!!! Ok calm down but why will she kidnapped Diana? What have you done to her this time around?”Timi ask as he gets worried for his daughter.

“ Is that what you should be asking or you should look for a solution how to get Diana out of there I will not take easy if anything happened to Diana” Sharon says with anger and she ends the phone and cries.

Timi looks nervous at the office, he go out from his office and went to his car then he called Bella over the phone.

Bella picks the phone as he smiles.

“ Tell me Timi, why do you call me “ Bella ask as she smiles.

“ So this was your plan, why do you have to kid my daughter “ Timi ask.

“ She is part of my plan so just calm down, I haven’t hurt her she will be fine “ Bella says as she smiles.

“ Leaves Diana out of this she knows nothing about this please “ Timi says as he shout over the phone.

“ Calm down Timi, Diana is also part of my plan and If Sharon and her father don’t corporate then I don’t know what I will do Diana “ Bella says.

“ Please let Diana go you can take me if you want I don’t care but please don’t hurt my daughter” Timi says.

“ I do not want you Timi, I want those who kill my mother right in the front of me five years ago, I want the both of them head “ Bella says as she gets emotional.

“ Can I at least speak to my daughter?” Timi ask.

“ Sure, you can hold on “ Bella says and she heads to the place she kept Diana and she met Diana crying.

“ Please I want to go to my mummy and daddy” Diana says as she cries and Bella goes close to her.

“ Your dad wants to speak to on phone “ Bella says and she put the phone in her ears.

“ Hello daddy please get me out of here I can’t stay here this auntie wicked “ Diana says over the phone as she cries.

“ I will get you out there I promise,I love you “ Timi says.

“ Please be fast dad I don’t to stay here any longer” Diana say as she cries and Bella remove the phone from her ears.

“ Now listen to me carefully if you dare involved the police in this then it will be the end of Diana, understood “ Bella says in anger.

“ Sure, I won’t I promise “ Timi says and Bella ends the call.

Timi rush home and he met Sharon crying and he tries to calm her down.

“ I was thinking maybe we could involve the police in this I don’t think we can handle this alone” Sharon says as she cries.

“ No, we can’t involve the police “ Timi says.

“ But why ?” Sharon ask.

“ Because Bella has already threatened to end Diana’s life if I dare involve the police “ Timi says and Sharon cries more.

“ What!?? Did you spoke to Bella “ Sharon ask.

“ Yes, I did and I also spoke to Diana as well” Timi says.

“ Hoe is my baby doing? “ Sharon ask.

“ She is doing fine, she has been crying I don’t think Bella has been fair to her “ Timi says.

“ My poor little child “ Sharon says as she cries.

“ Diana is so innocent now she has to pay for your mistakes and your dad’s imagine that “ Timi says.

“ Ate you trying to blame I and my dad for this remember you are the cause of all this if you haven’t brought Bella to the family all this won’t have happened “ Sharon says with anger and Timi keeps mute.

Timi went outside and he calls Ben over the phone.

“ Yes Timi tell me, how are you doing?” Ben ask.

“ No, I am not fine at all” Timi says.

“ What happened tell me “ Ben ask.

“ Bella kidnapped Diana and she threatened to ends her life if we involve the police “ Timi says.

“ Clam down we will think about what to do but has she told you what she says want “ Ben ask.

“ She wants to deal with Sharon and her father now innocent Diana is one paying for this “ Timi says and Ben have incoming call from Clara and he checks his phone and sees it is Clara.

“ I will call you back Timi, I need to pick this call “ Ben says and he ends the call and picks Clara call.

“ Tell me are you ok Ben you haven’t call me for a while now “ Clara says.

“ I am fine, i am sorry I have not been calling but Timi just call me now and he looks worried” Ben says.

“ Why does he look so worried?” Clara ask.

“ Bella kidnapped Diana Sharon’s daughter “ Ben says and Clara gets shocked.

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