Chapter 2

“ What?!!! But why ?Clara ask.

“ That the consequences of Sharon and her father’s deed “ Ben says.

“ But what is going happen, what did she want?” Clara ask.

“I don’t know for I will ask Timi, I will speak to you later “ Ben says and he ends the call.

Clara looks worried for Diana “ oh lord please protect innocent Diana from Bella, I have no idea what Timi will be going through in tte hands of this evil people “ Clara says as she gets worried for Timi and Diana.

Timi went back inside “ what did Bella said she want , have you ask her “ Timi ask.

“ She said she want my head and my dad’s own “ Sharon says as she cries.

“ I will speak we can offer her money “ Timi says.

“ She doesn’t not want money “Sharon says.

“ I will call her now and speaks to her “ Timi says and he calls Bella over the phone.

“ What do you keep calling me over and over “ Bella says and Timi put the phone on speaker.

“ What do you want from us ?” Timi ask.

“ I want Sharon and her father’s head it very simple if you want save your daughter “ Bella says.

“ Is there not any other thing we can do about this like I can give you money “ Timi says and Bella laughed.

“ Did you just money but money can’t bring back my mum to life and even though you want to offer me where is the money because I know you don’t have any because Sharon and her father took everything from you “ Bella says.

“ I will provide the money “ Timi says.

“ Alright it is cool there’s only one condition again and only if you can do Taft I will spare Sharon and her father’s life and give you back your daughter Diana “ Bella says and Sharon hear.

“ Tell me Bella what is it you want I promise I will provide it for you “ Sharon says as she cries.

“ I want all the properties to be transferred to my to my name both Timi’s and your father’s and yours as well “ Bella says.

“ What?!!! “ Sharon says.

“ Oh... I can see you can’t do that I can see you cherish your pride more than your daughter’s life “ Bells says.

“ No, I don’t mean that, I will do that as you say” Sharon says.

“ Good, I only give twenty four hours to that and you fail I will send you your daughter’s head and still come back to hunt you “ Bella says and she ends the call and Sharon cries Timi clam ghee down.

“ This is not time to cry this time to speaks to your father so we can save Diana “ Timi says and Sharon stand up.

“ I will go speak to him now “ Sharon says and Timi stop her.

“ Why don’t you speak to him on phone to make it easier “ Timi says.

“ No, I will have to go and speaks to him my dad is very stubborn she won’t sacrifice his properties for anything “ Sharon says.

“ Even for his grand daughter “ Timi ask.

“ Nobody knows my father better than I do “ Sharon says.

“ What kind of father does that I never know he so selfish like this “ Timi says.

“ Watch your mouth Timi, you are speaking about my father if he prove stubborn I will have no choice thank you do what is my mind I can’t risk my daughter life for anything “ Sharon say and she enters her car and drove to her father’s house.

Clara went to pick her kids from school and Daniel and Daniella run to hug her.

“ Tell me how was school today ?” Clara ask Daniel and Daniella and the both smiles.

“ Now let us get going now “ Clara says and she take her children back home.

Timi calls Ben over the phone “ tell me, what happened have you called Bella?” Ben ask.

“ Yes, I did “ Timi says as he look worried.

“ What did she said now, what does she want” Ben ask.

“ She want all the properties, include mine “ Timi says.

“ What have you decided ?” Ben ask.

“ We have no choice than to do what she want she gave just twenty four hours “ Timi says.

“Maybe we should try and plan something we can trap her down by involving the police “ Ben says.

“ I don’t think that will work because Bella is a smart girl and I don’t want to risk my daughter’s life “ Timi says.

“ I was think this can be a very good opportunity to expose her and also expose Sharon and her father” Ben says.

“ Yes, I know this a good opportunity but still my daughter’s life is at stake I can’t risk that, we can can trap them after my daughter is out all this mess “ Timi says.

“ Ok, it is fine you can get back to me later “ Ben says and he ends the call.

Sharon got her father’s house looking so angry and worried.

“ What happened have you thought of something?” Sharon’s father ask.

“ No dad but Bella change mind “ Sharon says.

“ What does she want now ?” Her dater ask.

“ She wants all the properties dad and please dad don’t argue with me because I know you cherish your reputation than me or your grand daughter but right you have to put your ego behind because she gives just twenty four hours to transfer everything to her name “ Sharon says.

“ No, I can’t do that we will find a way to take Diana from Bella then she will sucer for what she did and for threaten us “ Sharon’s father says.

“ Is that what you are going says that? Why are you been so selfish dad, let us give her what she want now then the en later we can deal with her “ Sharon says.

“ Calm down I didn’t teach this way I did not teach you to be scared I teach you to be strong so why are you soft now “ her father says.

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