Chapter 17

The officer takes her to where she will see Timi and they brought Timi out and she quickly go and hug Timi as she cries.

“ You only have five minutes to speak with him” the officer tells Clara and he leave.

Clara and Timi both sit “ tell me why do you have to do what you did, you mad things complicated for me and Ben “Clara tells Timi as she cries.

“ I am sorry Clara but I was worried about you and Ben that is why I did what I did, I don’t know I will land here, I am sort for not listening to you” Timi tells Clara as he apologize.

“ The deed has been done, we should look for a solution now, Lily has gone to the house for the job and I will be going from here to the office” Clara tells Timi.

“ Just do what you have do, please do not worry about me to muscu that is the only way you can concentrate, have you spoken to the children” Timi ask Clara.

“ No, I will when go to the office and when next I come, you will have to speak with them” Clara tells Timi as she cries.

“ Your time is up “
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