Chapter 59

“ After the death of our mum we had to left the city and go far away from here “ Clara says.


” Yes she is still breathing, let’s take her to the hospital “ Clara says and they pass behinds to take , they stop a taxi and they go , Timi got inside the house and couldn’t find anybody he sees blood on the floor and the house scattered “ what happened here” Timi says and he tries to call Clara over the phone but she is ignoring the call” what is happening , why is she ignoring the call” Timi says and he quickly go out of the house.

Before , Clara and Ben got to the hospital, their has already given up the ghost” mum , mum, mum seems she is not breathing it again “ Clara says as she cries , “ no mum you can do this to us , mum please wake up mum” Clara says as she cries, Ben calm her down “ mum is gone “ Ben says “ no that’s not true , tell me is not true Ben , please tell me “ Clara says as she cries, Ben also Cries.

Bella and aunt Teresa come down from the car “ now I want you
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