Twenty three

"Take your hands off her!" They heard someone spoke from behind.

Kendall turned around and immediately recognize him as the guy she'd bumped into the other day.

"Stay outta this dude or you're gonna regret it." The man trying to abduct her spoke with a menacing look.

"I won't repeat myself." He said with a cold look plastered on his face.

Kendall saw this as an excuse to free herself so she kicked him in the groin when he was distracted.

"Argh!"the stranger fell to the grow in pain as he covered his groin with his palm.

"Get outta here now!" The other guy screamed at the guy on the floor and he immediately scrawled away for he won't wanna be kicked on the groin again.

Kendall dusted her palm as she walked towards the man leaning against a pole.

"We meet again Ms Kendall, so I call this fate?" Damien spoke with a smile plastered on his face.

Kendall wasn't stupid this is neither a coincidence or fate. She didn't become the CEO of a company to not be to know when someone is trying to a
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