Forty seven

SUBTITLE; A Night to remember..

Giselle never Imagined Kendall to be someone powerful.. she was just her lousy stinky cousin..

"What? Are you still in denial?" Kendall was really enjoying making her Cousin all red with anger...

This was a rare opportunity to make her cry..

"How is that you're president K? You work at a cleaning agency, remember?" Giselle could still remember how the employees were giving her weird looks and also how the receptionist bowed in respect to Kendall, this was enough to clear her doubts but how could she accept defeat?

How could she accept the fact that Kendall was richer and powerful than her..

Most importantly, does her father already know about it? What if he decides to hand over the company to Kendall?

"Oh that was just a little Decoy, I won't want flies leeching off my wealth." Kendall crossed her legs elegantly and Giselle couldn't deny the fact that she really looked like a lady boss..

"Are you happy you successfully humiliated me? Was this your plan
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