Seventy seven


SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

The Ray of sunlight on her face woke her up but she didn't open her eyes yet..

She so.... Wait! What happened last night?

Did she really have a heated session with Lucas? How is she gonna face him?

She was still trying to stay asleep but the person Infront of her knew she wasn't sleeping at her..

"Good morning Beautiful." Her eyes snapped open at the sound of that deep hoarse voice..

She kept her eyes on his face scrutinizing it slowly..

He was so f*Cking hot she wondered why he didn't become a model..

"Stop drooling love.." he snapped his fingers Infront of her eyes and she snapped out her thoughts..

"What are you doing here? " She finally found her voice and Lucas couldn't help but chuckle..

"My night was fine thank you." He placed the food tray at the bedside table..

He was shirtless once flaunting his fine toned body..

"I made breakfast." He added and stole a kiss when she was still dazed...

"Hey!" She purred and took off the
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