Eighty two


SUBTITLE; A night to remember..


Kendall followed Kelly's eyes and landed on the pictures in her hands..

"You know this woman?" Kendall with a slight frown.

"Yeah.. She and Xavier dated for a long time and he eventually proposed to her but she turned him down saying She wants to pursue her dreams." Kelly blabbered on.. obviously she didn't recognize the man standing in front of the lady to be Xavier because she placed her finger on it..

Kendall didn't know how to feel about everything she'd heard and seen today..

It felt like her head was about to explode..

"I see." Was the only response Kendall could give...

"But why do you have her photo? Have you met her before?" Kelly asked curiously when she noticed her mom was unusually silent..

"Oh I found it on car but it's obviously nothing, let's go Cecile." Kendall said and took deep breaths to calm herself..

She doesn't wanna be angry around Kelly..

He's with his Ex after all there might still be some feeling left
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