Chapter 104


SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

He slammed into the getaway car aggressively causing the car to lose focus and almost ran into a civilian's car...

Xavier slammed into the car once more without warning and got stuck at the edge of the bridge.

He'd rammed into the car pretty badly they couldn't move anymore..

Any who saw how scrambled the car was they would doubt the survival of the driver.

Xavier got outta his car like he didn't just tried to kill someone and walked towards the car which was barely hanging by the edge of the Cliff and found his mom who has long been in hiding..

He was burning in anger and wanted to push her off the cliff himself but that would be the nicest way for her to die and wouldn't want that..

She doesn't deserve the nicest death. He glanced at the occupant of the car but unfortunately Damian wasn't in the car.

Mrs Ming and the driver are the only ones in the car and they were both covered in blood.

He dragged her outta the car right before it fell
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