SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

She decided to step up her game and walked towards the balcony with a pretense of cleaning and squats seductively just low enough for him to see.

"Are you courting death?" He hollered, making her flinch backwards in fear..

"How dare you!!" He roared, sending shivers down her spine..

She fell to her knees immediately in fear..

"I....I...I.. it's....not... what you think..." She shuttered while shivering in fear...

He was beyond mad. What did they take him for?

Did they think cheap tricks would get to him?

"Do you think I'm stupid and disgusting like the men in this hotel?" He scoffed and walked towards the bedside cabinet where his golden Glock 17 was carefully placed..

Lauren began to cry the moment she caught sight of the gun..

Turns out he wasn't who everyone thought he was..

Her stupidity and lustful thoughts are finally gonna get her in trouble..

Xavier leisurely pointed his Gun at her while she began sweating profusely..

She felt like
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