SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

Kendall woke up the next day but he was gone.

She looked around the place sadly but her space beside her was cold which only means he'd been gone for long.

She found a sticky note by the bedside cabinet and picked it up .

"I made breakfast for you, eat and don't stay out late okay? See you soon." A smile broke out on her lips as she read the sticky note..

She glanced around and found breakfast not far from where she laid..

She slowly got outta bed and walked towards the bathroom to go on with her normal routine, only then did she walk towards her breakfast and smiled softly..

It was pancakes and corn syrup alongside a cup of cream latte..

A knock landed on her door breaking her outta her thoughts..

"Come in." She mumbled and the butler walked in..

He bowed slightly in respect while she nodded.

"Miss Xinah is in the garden." The butler informed her and her face brightened up immediately..

"Tell her I'll be with her shortl
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