SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"Xavier got into an accident on his way to the airport." Lucas didn't wanna tell her at first but at some point she deserves to know..

He would be taking his chopper to Austria so he could personally oversee his treatment..

Kendall felt like she'd heard the weirdest thing ever. She was finding it hard to believe everything she'd just heard..

"No.....No..." Fell on her knees in shock. Her face was pale as white as a sheet and she kept shaking her head in denial..

"That's..... that's...not ... possible....he .... promised!" She was visibly trembling as she tried not to cry..

Her cheat felt stuffed and heavy too, she was having a hard time leaving..

Lucas looked at her with nothing but pure concern for her..

"I need to fly over to Austria so I could treat him myself and in the mean-"

"Please take me to my husband!" Kendall grabbed hold of his feet with her trembling hands.

She looked hysterical at the moment and her makeup was ruined but she d
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