SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

Robert felt like he would explode any moment and wanted to just kill him but unfortunately he wants to enjoy torturing him till he can't take it anymore.

"A painless death is a blessing and I don't plan on giving you that." Robert smirked and walked outta the cell with his subordinates following behind closely else he might actually kill him.

Even though he refuses to admit it, he also kinda thinks Xavier might still be alive because he was yet to hear anything..

"Did you check the car and every hospital close by?" He asked his assistant because he felt uneasy..

"Yes, we did boss and we were shown a corpse which had been burned to death. He looked like that man so I'm certain he's dead and they're only putting it under wraps to control the situation." His assistant reasoned and only then did Robert feel at ease..

"Leak the news to a reporter, let's see how they're gonna hide it once the public finds out about it.." Robert smirked mockingly
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