SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"What do you mean the mines got blown up!" Robert roared angrily...

The veins on his forehead were popping out and he felt like his heart was about to explode...

He'd just received calls from his subordinate that his mines had been robbed and blown up..

How was that even possible? The location of his mines had always been discreet and not even Zach knew about it..

"I.... We were suddenly ambushed and the diamonds were taken away before we could realize what was going on. The rest of the diamonds were blown up alongside the mines." His secretary who was on his knees spoke in a submissive tone and his head was bowed while Robert kept hitting him to vent his anger....

"You-all are useless!!!! I want my diamonds returned to me else I'm gonna have your head on a platter!!" Robert yelled furiously and threw a punch at his secretary who didn't bother dodging it..

While he was still furious about the mines when his cell phone began buzzing contin
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