Chapter 19

Chapter 19


She steps back from me, eyes wide and her heart rate picks up. Shit!

I forget she’s human, dumping all this information on her at once is frightening. I never explained the extent of our strength or heightened senses. I wanted to explain more later, after she had time to calm down and digest all this.

I wanted to be gentle and caring, things that do not come naturally to me, but then I go and answer without thinking.

“You can tell all that, just by standing there?” She asked the question hesitantly.

The option of lying is out the door, I already said it and I do not wish to deceive her now only to be caught in a lie later. She must never have cause to distrust me.

“Being Alpha my senses are sharper than most, but yes wolves can easily pick up on these things.” I give her a moment, observing her reactions for any signs of distress.

“I would never use them against you. No one in this pack would hurt you, you helped us twice now. They all feel overjoyed that a human want
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